75 Things I LOVE about my Husband

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On your 75th birthday, I decided to give you the gift of time of writing out some of the very best things I love about you. While I originally wanted to keep it private, I realize that this exercise can be a motivation for other wives to affirm their husbands, and it can be a motivation for a husband to aspire to be as loving as you are. So we agreed together to share this in the hopes that it will not only bless you, as it has, but will bless many others for years to come! I love you David.

1. You truly love God with all your heart, soul, mind, and strength.
2. You love your neighbor as yourself.
3. You made a decision early in our marriage to put me first in your life, next to God.
4. You fearlessly served our country for thirty years, and made great sacrifices.
5. Even though you never had your own children, you have shown great love for the children I brought into our family.
6. You made a great decision to help J. get healthy.
7. You selflessly helped him get a loan to finish his education, and supported him while he was in university.
8. You supported A. while he was in college, and attended many of his concerts.
9. You helped me find support for K., and because of you, she had 4 wonderful years at school.
10. You helped me fight my legal battles when other people failed to be responsible.
11. You have always been responsible.
12. You have been my greatest cheerleader as I furthered my education.
13. You continue to learn and grow so we can be wonderful marriage coaches.
14. You have always provided a wonderful home for us to share.
15. You risked a lot to go into ministry, and thought of others more than yourself.
16. You have been a wonderful male role model for our boys.
17. You have been my best friend for the last 15 years.
18. You are a terrific lover.
19. You are so handsome and continue to take care of yourself in such a way that you seem to be getting younger!
20. You speak up for me and protect me from those who don’t have my best interest at heart.
21. You are truthful and honest always.
22. You show others how to lead in a kind, Christian manner.
23. You are a gracious host when we have people visit our home.
24. You are a wonderful neighbor.
25. You have a winning smile.
26. You continue to make me laugh with your dry wit.
27. You study me to continue to learn new things about me.
28. You tamed your passion for sports so I could have more of you.
29. You helped us find a place where we could grow spiritually.
30. You make sure we read a devotion together every day.
31. You pray with me every day, and at those times when you know we need to go to our Father for His guidance.
32. You stay steady when I start to wobble.
33. You cook when I don’t feel like it.
34. You can do laundry just as well as I can.
35. You teach me how to rest.
36. You teach me that I am not as responsible for others as I think I am; they can accept their own responsibility and I get to be human.
37. You make the best chili ever.
38. You make a really good meat loaf.
39. You love to grill with charcoal instead of that dreaded gas.
40. You are a great kisser.
41. You take really good care of me when I am sick, hurt, or exhausted.
42. You are a great speaker, and I aspire to be as relaxed as you are on stage.
43. You never judge me.
44. You always choose to love me instead.
45. You know how to keep a confidence, but never keep a secret.
46. You hold the record for romantic gestures when you heat my towel for me.
47. You’ve taken me to some of the greatest places in America.
48. You have more patience than I have ever seen in anyone.
49. You are a very devoted Spurs fan.
50. You are very kind.
51. You are very generous.
52. You have the most beautiful blue eyes in the universe.
53. You are a wonderful Papa.
54. You never say no to anything having to do with grandchildren.
55. Even when you are hurting, you put up a very strong front.
56. You have never embarrassed me in public, and have kept our life private.
57. You take me to many nice restaurants.
58. You have learned to love the beach with me.
59. You made a great sacrifice to bring me back to Florida.
60. You give me great advice about relationships.
61. You gracefully watch a lot of chick flicks.
62. You are more fun to shop with than most women.
63. You carry my bags.
64. You wait on me when I simply cannot do anymore.
65. You are so easy to please.
66. You let me get all excited about Christmas.
67. You hold me when I get emotional about Christmas.
68. You weather my emotional storms, and never stop loving me.
69. You are the best partner I could ask for as a coach.
70. You are continuing to dream with me, and we continue to make our dreams come true with God’s help.
71. You hold my hand and let me know that you are always by my side.
72. Since you retired, we have not spent a night away from each other.
73. You let me eat steamed crabs whenever I have the urge, and patiently wait for me to finish.
74. You probably have 75 more great qualities, but I will stop at 75.
75. You are the very best thing that ever happened to me!

So on this day, 11 July 2014, I wish you a very HAPPY 75TH BIRTHDAY!
I will spend the rest of my life loving you sweet David!

All my love, Cindy


Cindy and David Southworth are marriage and relationship coaches, certified through the American Assn of Christian Counselors and members of the International Christian Coaching Assn. Cindy is a John Maxwell certified speaker, trainer, and coach. They are the owners of Breakwater Coaching. You can visit their website at www.breakwatercoaching.com.