Marriage Coaching

Couples Coaching

Husband-wife coaching team
Safe, confidential setting
Create emotional safety
Courageous Conversations
Conflict Resolution
Physical/Mental Intimacy
Emotional/Spiritual intimacy
Building the Empty Nest
Fitting Stepfamilies Together

Group Coaching

6-week Marriage on the Mend
Continued growth and accountability
Maintaining Emotional Safety
Understanding Relational DNA
Deepen Courageous Conversations
Guarding Your Marriage Gates
Relationship Boundaries
Marriage Vision and Purpose


Marriage 911

One couple
3-day life-changing experience
Deeper understanding of self and spouse
Spiritual connection with God
Overcome the Fear Cycle in your relationship
Understand your Relational DNA
Have Courageous Conversations
Resolve Conflict amicably
Set new goals for marriage growth
Renew your marriage covenant

*Marriage 911 is NOT for those in a physically abusive relationship or struggling with active chemical addictions. Any affairs must be broken off prior to the intensive.

Regenerate Retreat

Three couples – one weekend
Not for couples in crisis
Empower – Encourage – Motivate
Safe group setting
Foster emotional intimacy
Overcome the Fear Cycle
Understand YourRelational DNA
Set new goals for marriage growth

*Regenerate Retreats are not for couples who are experiencing crisis in their relationship and threatening divorce. Refer to Marriage 911.

Women’s Coaching

Individual Coaching

Our coaches provide individual custom designed one-on- one coaching for each woman looking to clarify their life vision or renew creativity in the areas that matter most to you. Whether you are seeking improvement in your own life, or leading a team, they will help you jumpstart your personal and professional goals. They will help you discover how to:

Discover your purpose
Build trust
Resolve conflict
Improve communication
Optimize relationships
Develop overall personal growth

Group Coaching

Our coaches provide small group coaching for women seeking confidential, empowering, professional coaching relationship to enhance effective and desire outcomes. They will help you discover how to:

Gain perspective of others
Optimize relationships with other women
Build a positive support system
Brainstorm solutions in a group environment
Create accountability with others
Learn to build trust with others

Breakthrough Retreat

Weekend intensive for 8 women
Four facilitators
Offered in the Spring and Fall
Safe, confidential, non-judgmental environment
Peer deeply into the Heart
Manage negative emotions
Discard dysfunctional ways of relating
Eliminate feelings of shame and betrayal
Experience renewal with God, self, and others